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Technical assistance
and after-sales service

E-mail: info@grazioliremac.it


Grazioli-Remac Service

Technical assistance and after-sales service

Always use original spare parts, Grazioli-Remac is not responsible for any malfunctions or damages on machines and persons derived or caused directly from the use of non-original spare parts.

Consult the spare parts catalogues:

Pi-Green" rotary harrows' spare parts »

NEX-M-N-S-MX and PX-accessories rotary harrows' spare parts »

Stones buriers spare parts »

Customer Service Remac Grazioli-for ordering of spare parts and the request for qualified service. In this section catalogs of spare parts and pieces needed are available online to order.

Get the After-sales service by qualified personnel-Remac Grazioli,specify Type and Serial number of machine in question listed on the rating plate, send an e-mail to info@grazioliremac.it also communicating in detail, also any perceived irregularities.


 Spare Parts:

Original spare parts are important for anyone who wants to safeguard their own machines, especially when such spare parts are made by those who have materially constructed the same machines. These are an assurance of absolute reliability, price convenience, great performance and a long service-life.
To order our spare parts, please make a list of items so as reported in our catalogues, specifying the details printed on the identification plate fixed on each machine, such as:

• Machine model;

• Serial Number;

• Way of shipment requested for spare parts;

• Table and position number;

• Full and right address of the customer.

General terms and conditions of sale

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E-mail: info@grazioliremac.it
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